1. An intolerable crush of people. When Obama spoke in May 2008, 75,000 people showed up, snaking in a terrible, terrible line all over downtown. Granted, that was 2008, when we still had hope. On the other hand, the event is free and it is Barack Obama. Doors at the convention center Wednesday open at 4pm, bring water and life-saving snacks.

2. Lots of people spamming you with campaign materials. On Wednesday, there will be only 13 voting days left until the election. Obama::honey as voters::bees.

3. Confiscation of umbrellas. Apparently there will be "airport like security" at the doors. No umbrellas, pocket knives, signs, food or beverages. Also, says the event website, "bags are not permitted unless necessary for medical needs." I have a medical necessity to have somewhere to store my keys and phone, so that shouldn't be a problem.

4. The standard blah-blah-blah. At a campaign speech yesterday in Ohio that kicked off Obama's rapid stump tour, the president hit the big three: the need for your vote has never been greater, tax cuts for the middle class, and the success of health care reform.

5. People fanning themselves with the Mercury's voting cheat sheet! Our endorsement issue hits the streets Wednesday afternoon. If nothing else, it will make a very face cooling device.