Say whatever else you want about Glee, the show knows how to drum up crazy publicity. Between the Britney Spears episode a few weeks ago and tonight's tribute to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the show has given internet bloggers like me plenty to write about.


Excitement is at a high enough pitch that Deadline reports Fox 2000 is pressuring Glee creator Ryan Murphy to helm a remake of the actual Rocky Horror movie. No deals have been made, but Murphy's had meetings with Fox people so there's definitely interest on both sides.

There's always a lot of debate over which Glee episodes are trainwrecks and which are a delight but I doubt there will be much over whether Rocky Horror needs the remake treatment (I'm not even sure Rocky can be recreated). Regardless, Ryan Murphy knows his way around camp and I'm pretty sure tonight's episode will be a lot of fun. Don't believe me? Listen to Uncle Jessie singing Meatloaf's "Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?" and tell me there's not some kind of strange magic at work.

Update: Arrrgh! Helevent pointed out in the comments that they're actually saving this episode for next week. Expect a repeat tonight. Laaaaame.

H/T - io9