Strike! Strike! Strike! France faces shutdown as everyone from truckers to high school students protests the government raising the retirement age to 62.

Congress Vs. Facebook: Two House members press Facebook for info on how it handles privacy.

Well That Was Short Lived. So much for being the good guy: Bank of America resumes foreclosures in 23 states after freezing them earlier this month.

Feds Argue Gays Will Cause "Irreparable Harm" in the Military: But a judge denies their request for a stay in the Don't Ask, Don't Tell case.

Death by Sweat Lodge: Sedona's New Age community is trying to wave away bad vibes after three tourists died in a sweat lodge gone wrong.

Steve Jobs Slams Google after his company makes more money than God.

Obama Will be on MythBusters! As some sort of plan to promote science? Also, check out the five Democrats (including Kitzhaber) he's trying to rescue.

Homer Simpson Receives Vatican's Blessing. Perhaps in a desperate attempt by the church to appeal to the youths?

Crazy Goats Scale Dam: Proving animals will conquer us all.


No Show Sam: The O profiles how Mayor Sam Adams has ditched out on high-profile speeches at the last minute.

Urban Growth Spurt: Metro will hear from property owners about which land will stay rural and which will go urban.