The gaming biz may be aimed directly at men, but I care about the ladies too. You represent far more than ambulatory sexin' holes to me. You represent people!

With that in mind, I thought "Y'know, those people might have opinions about things other than baking muffins and knitting muffin cozies. They might just have opinions on video games too."

I have a project forthcoming based around that concept, but before I unleash that on the world, I wanted to toss a bit of trivia out to Blogtown's distaff readers: In speaking to a number of women of varying ages, it seems that every single one of them (at least, those who have any opinion on games) say that the Nintendo 64 is their favorite console of all time.

Men cite everything from the NES to the PC Engine (NERDS!), but the women I spoke to, down to the last one, are sprung on Nintendo's final cartridge system.

Why? I have no idea. None of the ladies seem to either. So I toss it to Blogtown's femme set. Are you all nutso for the N64 or is this just some bizarre statistical anomaly?

(PS: There's a gold star in it for anyone who can offer an explanation either way.)