Washington's state liquor control board voted to ban Four Loko today, sending the beverage packed with caffeine and alcohol to join old-school Sparks in the grave of drinks too crazy to live.

The vote come on the heels of last month's "blackout in a can" incident, where nine Central Washington University students wound up in the hospital with near-lethal blood alcohol levels after consuming Four Loko.

As this story notes, Four Loko might have gotten a bad rap in that incident, since according to the toxicology report, the students drank beer, vodka, rum, and "possibly illicit substances" throughout the night, too. Don't get me wrong, Four Loko is a gnarly drink, but simply making Four Loko forbidden will do zilch to solve the serious problems of addiction and binge drinking.

In Oregon, the OLCC is possibly contemplating a ban on the drink, right now encouraging retailers not to sell the Loko.

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