Cleveland High School Dance Cancelled For Fear of "Grinding"


Kevin Bacon, CHS needs you!
It's like Rydell High over there. Just have Vince Fontaine tell 'em that It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's what you do with your dancin' shoes.
I'd be a lot more likely to support this anti-grinding movement if it were John Lithgow pushing for it.
WAIT WAIT WAIT. Where are that dude's legs????!!!
---giving dance chaperones "flashlights to shine on couples dancing inappropriately," said Vice Principal Pam Joyner.---

Kids behave in a manner you dislike so you put a spotlight on them? Seems like they'd do it just to be the center of attention. It'd be better to bring a squirt gun. The kids would stop if they thought their hair/makeup/dress or tux was going to get ruined.
We solved the problem by teaching the kids how to dance. We called it PE and started while they were still young. It gets them ready for their future jobs as gigolos and escorts.
I went to Cleveland and graduated in 08 (the year the 'no bumpin' no grindin' shirts were first made). We consistently had dances shut down early every year because of the grinding issue.

Pam Joyner was also not my biggest fan because I wrote a letter to the Oregonian about it one year and she got a lot of angry phone calls apparently.
Pam Joyner
So nobody wants to comment on the relative merits of grinding as dance vs. thinly veiled sexual activity? Weird.
@Around - Ssshhh. Based on the quotes the article, the girls are convinced it's all just good fun. Don't tell 'em now!