What? No...I find this incredibly hard to believe! For those that don't already know, 18-year-old actress/singer/songwriter/Joe Jonas ex-girlfriend Demi Lovato recently went into rehab due to some "emotional and personal issues." But Life & Style is reporting that before she entered a treatment center, Demi Lovato had become a big fan of cocaine.

A source tells the mag she was seen at a party "doing lines like a pro—and she was 17 at the time." The spy also claims that Demi liked to "chug booze straight from the bottle."

And she's got a laundry list of other problems according to Life & Style, including but not limited to a history of eating issues, cutting and a fight with one of her female dancers.

Dudes, this girl sounds like a blast, am I right? Demi, I'll party with you! Seriously, the title of this HuffPo piece "Demi Lovato's Heavy Drinking, Cocaine Use Led To Downfall: Report" made my jaw drop, because "heavy drinking and cocaine use" has only made me MORE successful. I mean, I'll be 30 next year, I have the very coveted position of "intern" at the prestigious Portland Mercury, and prior to moving to Portland three months ago, I was living with my mom. I've never needed rehab and while I've gotten in many fights (none of them with my back-up dancers), I've never cut myself. Sources say Lovato went off the deep end after her break up from Joe Jonas, so I say to you Demi: I know breakups can be hard and make one want to self-medicate—but you gotta know when to say when. Fuck rehab, come up to Portland and we'll party like adults (read: wine and pot).