Burmese Peace Leader May be Freed: Uppity pro-democracy leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has been under house arrest for 15 years after winning the Nobel peace prize in '91. Looks like she's getting out!

The End is Near. Sarah Palin's reality show launches this weekend. Oh, also, her email hacker avoids prison. Hack away!

G20 a Bunch of Wussies. The most powerful men and women in the world put off hard calls about trade issues.

Newsweek and Daily Beast Sittin' in a Tree: The dusty mag and hot-shot website wed under a single editor in chief, Tina Brown.

Cruise of HORROR: Passengers stranded on a cruise ship for three days due to engine fire share their horror stories of bailing out toilets with cups.

Uh... Meanwhile, Actual Horror: UN pleads for money to end Haiti's cholera outbreak.

I Forgot that Cindy McCain is Awesome: John McCain is leading the charge to keep Don't Ask, Don't Tell. His wife makes a video condemning it.

Old Man Mistook Pedals in Crash: The senior citizen driver who hit three pedestrians Monday (fatally injuring a toddler) mistook the gas for the brakes.

NEVER FORGET. Forty years ago today, brave Oregonians blew up a whale.