None of this is real. Its all a hallucination.
  • Sony Computer Entertainment Japan
  • None of this is real. It's all a hallucination.

It was supposed to be out ten days ago.

Before that, it was supposed to be out last Christmas.

Prior to that, we were planning on playing it during Christmas '08.

And a long while before that one, Sony told us it was going to be the PlayStation 3's big launch title.

Now, finally, nearly six years after the release of its predecessor, Gran Turismo 5 has an official release date: November 24, 2010.

Of course, after the last half decade of Sony's lies — not to mention the debacle that was the PSP's Gran Turismo — I refuse to believe this game actually exists until it's spinning up in my piano black, monolithic console.

Then, and only then, will I consider being excited.