That is Tyler, he's a "Portland cat who was the CFA"—Cat Fanciers Association, OBVIOUSLY—"northwest region's best cat and the national 12th best cat of 2009-2010 show season," he's here to announce the 39th Annual Lewis & Clark CFA Cat show, Dec 4-5, at the Doubletree! Take it away, Tyler:

Feast your eyes on over 200 rare and beautiful cats from the West Coast and beyond. Over 30 breeds on display at one of the only CFA shows held in Portland. See purebred and pampered cats with long hair, short hair, even no hair compete for top awards and fancy ribbons. Check out the vendors’ unique and one of a kind selections for your feline companions at home. Talk with breeders and find out which cats are perfect for your lifestyle. Purebred kittens and adult cats will be available for sale. Visit The Humane Society booth with rescue cats available for adoption.

Thank you, Tyler! We'll be there.

(Re: Blogtown memes: Yesterday Steve's kid was in the office; she's 6 or something, I can't really tell, they all look the same to me. Anyway she said, I shit you not, "I am so sick of hearing about Justin Bieber!" It was adorable.)