Okay, politicos, bust out the daily planners because there's events going on most nights this week that are worth your time.

TONIGHT! Portland Monthly's Bright Lights discussion series and City Club is hosting Columbia River Crossing: A More Sensible Alternative, a talk about the big bridge with Zipcar General Manager Bill Scott, urban designer George Crandall, and economist Joe Cortright (who, you will recall, wrote this kickass study about how the CRC could cost $10 billion). The panel discussion is at Jimmy Mak's jazz club (221 NW 10th Ave) 6-7:30pm.

TOMORROW! The ACLU and Center for Intercultural Organizing are teaming up to offer a "Know Your Rights" workshop for police interactions. The legal director of the ACLU will talk you through what to do if law enforcement officers come to your home or stop you on the street. Center for Intercultural Organizing (700 N. Killingsworth) 6-8pm

The day labor workers center on MLK made this cool-looking documentary about Latino day laborers (Jornaleros in Spanish) who use the center and are also interesting artists. I hung out with some of the workers when the center opened and was really surprised and impressed by the art some guys were making in their downtime. The trailer is below. Red and Black Cafe (400 SE 12th Avenue) 7pm

P.S. You can always check out our community calendar for local political events.