The Hairpin (which has totally replaced the space in my heart formerly occupied by Jezebel) linked to Can Do Better. It's a Hot Or Not-type website in which you can vote on whether a specific person in a relationship could find someone more attractive to date. (Warning: Clicking over to the site activates a brief, awful theme song for the site; if you're at work, make sure your headphones are on before you click through.) You can also vote on whether the couple is a perfect match. Here is one couple:


After you vote, you can see in the upper left-hand corner what a collection of anonymous internet voters have decided. In this case, 57% of everyone believes the woman can do better:


This is a terrible idea, but I also can't stop voting on which person can do better, which means it's a brilliant idea. In the vast majority of votes on heterosexual couples, users decide that the woman in the relationship can do better. That sounds about right to me.