Sorry this is going up so late, fellow gleetards. I had a day job work emergency that kept me from eating properly and writing blog posts about TV shows. It happens. So who reads Blogtown after dark and watches Glee? Let's find out!


I know we're all dying to say mean things about Gwenyth Paltrow so let me start: she is atrocious in 1998's Great Expectations. OK, now you go.

Actually, I thought Paltrow was pretty awesome last night. I'd say she was the best thing about the episode if the best thing about the episode hadn't clearly been GLEE BABIES! I would watch the shit out of that spin-off, you guys.

But yeah, as a substitute teacher who gets by on a curriculum of all-fun-all-the-time, I thought Gwenyth Paltrow was good. I'm also a soft touch for showtunes and this ep had three of them. Sure, "Make 'Em Laugh" was a little ridiculous (did they have to copy the choreography so blatently?) and the Chicago number felt like it existed solely to give Lea Michele something to sing but they were fun to watch. I reject the "Singin' in the Rain/Umbrella" mash-up out of hand as an atrocity, but points for doing the unexpected.

I completely agree with Steve that the neutered cover of Cee-Lo's "Fuck Forget You" was forgetting awful. I'd be willing to argue that that has less to do with Paltrow than the fact that "Fuck You" loses almost all of it's mojo when it's censored. At least it fit into the storyline of the kids never getting to sing what they want (which is completely untrue. Do the three Glee writers not watch the episodes the other ones write?). And that's more than you can say about most of Glee's musical numbers.

So yeah, the Paltrow thing wasn't a total trainwreck, IMHO. What else happened? Oh yeah, Terri came back. This. Was. Boring. I already thought she was gone for good and now I hope that she is. I seriously tuned out of that whole situation. The only memorable thing to come of it is the terrifying revelation that Will and Terri play a creepy game called "Sick Baby" with each other. Terri's baby voice is the most Godless thing I've seen on TV. That honestly made my heart seize up in fright and disgust.

And I guess Sue is principal now that Figgins has monkey flu from being slow-motion sneezed on. Was it me or was that storyline boring, too? Sue's power dynamics change so frequently without really changing the show's tone that I don't really care what she is. She has proven time and time again that she is Machiavellian enough to get whatever she wants regardless of her title so what does it matter? Potater tot ban? Eh.

Stray notes and quotes

So, is Becky, like, Sue's permanent assistant now? Doesn't she need to go to class?

I didn't say anything about Mercedes' friend-jealousy. That also bored me. I guess Kurt's bullying saga isn't over, though, so that's kind of cool. I wonder if his dad is OK.

"Nothing says 'bien venidos' quite like a buttered floor."

"Should we toke up some medical-grade marijuana? IIIIII wuuush!"

"Oh my gosh, I opened my mouth and a little purse came out!"

"Her name was Cameo. She was like an attractive Biggie Smalls."

"You make the underflaps of my breasts burn like when I used to rub them with poison sumac."

"Also, I'm bipolar, which makes me yell things, like 'That tea pot's spreading lies about me' or 'This can't be my baby because I don't love it!'"