Sooo much rain yesterday And wind. Seems we'll be keeping on with the wet today. Less with the bluster. But just wait for next week. Is it too early for a dusting of snow?

It's on. It's off. It's on again. It's off again. It's on again. A Swedish prosecutor now says she wants to seek the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after all, another twist in a rape case that's been simmering for months.

That shit is spreading. God-scorned Haiti's cholera outbreak has extended its tendrils into Florida. The disease, of course, is hard to spread if you wash your hands, don't touch your poop, and have a safe water system. But, then, this is Florida...

I'm rubber, you're glue, etc. Fox News' jowly boss, Roger Ailes, says NPR is run by a pack of Nazis. He also calls Jon Stewart "crazy." He also pleasures himself while watching film of Sarah Palin. (Hi, omnipresent Fox News Big Brother lawyers! That last one was a joke!) Previously, Ailes said Obama hasn't been "very successful."

Don't make "you're fired" joke. Don't make "you're fired" joke. Don't ... YOU'RE FIRED! Damn. Ugh. Anyway, Donald Trump is the latest to play the "Will I or won't I?" game with the 2012 presidential election. Obama's "totally over his head," he says. As for Mama Pitbull Cougar Grizzly Lipstick Reality TV Star? "I'd take her on."

Men would rather wear rings on naughtier parts of their bodies? A Pew study finds 40 percent of Americans now believe that the institution of marriage is obsolete. And the definition of "family" is ... shhh ... changing. But, hey, you keep thumping those Bibles, you delightful right-wing family-values types!

Just like Strom Thurmond! Alaska's Lisa Murkowski just became the first successful write-in Senate candidate in 50 years. The other member of that club, however, was an asshole. At least this a good EFF YOU! to Sarah Palin.

It was "accidental." For 18 minutes on April 8, 2010, 15 percent of ALL INTERNET TRAFFIC ON EARTH was re-routed through the servers of a state-owned Chinese telecommunications company. Among the gems? E-mail sent from the Department of Defense, NASA, and the U.S. Senate.

HEY, BLAZERS FANS! Stop weeping into your homebrew, already. And be here tonight when Rob Simonsen live-blogs all of tonight's hot, hoops action.

This isn't dirty. At least in any sense other than I'm glad I don't have to clean that floor afterward.