Comedian Tig Notaro should be familiar to Portland comedy fans by now—she's performed at the Bridgetown Comedy Fest several times. Currently she's organizing a national tour of "unconventional spaces" (backyards, basements, living rooms, you name it) to be filmed for a Comedy Central pilot; in addition to Tig, the tour will feature as yet unrevealed "big names"—"big enough that they can't divulge them," Bridgetown founder Andy Wood told me. Andy called this morning to let me know that tour organizers are looking for a space in Portland (likely around Dec 10-12), and they're asking anyone interested to submit a short video of two minutes or less that includes "where you are, where the show would be, how you'd set up the show, where the stage will be, the overall vibe." I wish my basement was a tiny bit bigger. This sounds like a chance to host an amazing party and meet some amazing people.

To apply, hit the Facebook page for Tig Notaro's Untitled Comedy Tour.

Tig played a similar show in Portland in 2007; here's a clip: