Korea Showdown: North and South Korea are firing rockets at each other.

The AIDS Pill: Tests show a daily pill lowers risk for AIDS infection.

Pope Okays Condoms for Women, Too: The ol' Pope clarifies that female prostitutes can also use condoms, bringing the church firmly into the mid-19th century.

TSA Won't Stick a Hand Up Your Ass! That's the official policy, anyway. Thanks, dudes!

Sarah Palin: Unpopular. Who'da thunk that her TV show ratings would sink after one week?

"Nauseating Tosh": An English Bishop complains on Facebook that all the chitter-chatter over the royal wedding is a bunch of "nauseating tosh" (what?) and is summarily suspended. BTW, did you hear K + W chose a date?!!!11?

In Today's Trash News: Charlie Sheen sues a porn star.

SNOW MUCH FUN! A light dusting of snow means Arctic Death Blast 2010 is ON. TriMet is running on normal schedules and routes, with chains on some buses—a power outage at their rail yard this morning means westside MAX might be delayed. Don't worry, this dude is prepared for anything: