Fellow gleeks, when you came into my life I never expected to find my soulmate, my other half. But now I couldn't imagine not spending a Wednesday afternoon or early evening with you talking about that show on Fox where teenagers sing. In other words, you complete me.

Furt furt furt
  • Furt furt furt

Will you accept this blog post as a symbol of our commitment to continue talking about Glee until the season is over?

Here's me being honest: I was talking just last night about how much faith I've lost in this show. How I've felt that it has been pissing away it's potential for greatness in creative ways each week. Basically, I'd given up. Then comes an episode like "Furt" that does it's damndest to fly in the face of my resignation that Glee is a televised disaster. I really liked this episode.

I'm not gonna go overboard like I did with the "Britney/Brittany" episode and declare it the best Glee ep ever, but it might be the most consistent. Moreso than last week's Paltrow episode, way moreso than the very special episode about gay bullying and pity-kisses the week before and, yes, moreso than the big, stupid spectacle episodes I like. It was tonally and emotionally coherent and pretty funny. Even the title makes me laugh. Furt! In short, this is an example of the kind of show that I wouldn't be embarrassed to say I watched.

To what can we attribute this? Firstly, there was almost no Will Schuester. I love Matthew Morrison, but the writers have really fucked that character. I mean, last week he was fooling around with Terri again and we're supposed to root for the guy? He's a mess. Just stick him in the background as a wedding singer until you can figure out a sensible direction to take him in. Also, there were no music 'til 16 minutes in! That seems like a risk given that the musical numbers should be Glee's ace card but the show has really been shoehorning them in weirdly this season. It was so nice to let the characters and storyline breathe.

This week it was all about engagements and, yet again, bullying. Burt and Finn's mom might be TV's cutest couple, you guys. Mike O'Malley has been playing that character pitch-perfect from day one and he was no slouch last night, dancing all over the place and pinning Karofsky to a bulletin board with his elbow. "You should be GLAAD I'm not carrying my gun," he sneered in Karofsky's face in a moment I just made up but I wish had happened. Their wedding was also pretty fucking adorable with tear-jerking speeches all around. I loved it!

Meanwhile, Sue Sylvester is engaged to herself. I wasn't sure what to make of Sue's turn as principal but it turned out to actually make a lot of sense. I hadn't realized how bored I was with Figgins, another character the writers have no idea what to do with. Plus she's kinda weirdly good at it.

But yeah, Sue marries herself and tells Nazi-hunter mom, Carol Channing(!!!!!) to get off her back. Given how ridiculous that storyline is, it's funny that this is the most human Sue has ever been. She went from caricature to character with, I thought, pretty nice results. But what did you guys think? I maintained for a while that Sue should be used as silly and sparingly as possible, like Creed from The Office, but a little believable depth actually made the character funny to me. Am I off base?

Those weren't the only engagements happening. Sam "proposed" to Quinn and Finn told Rachel he loved her and basically love is in the air all around. The only one left out is Santana, who still has eyes for Finn. Is that cuz she's actually into him or is she just jealz?

B-Story: Bullying. Karofsky gets a half-hearted beatdown by the boys of New Directions (minus ringers Finn and Puck) because he won't leave Kurt alone. The way Glee has followed up on this story has made me warm up to it more. It led to Finn and Kurt dancing (which was pretty cute) and the bombshell that Kurt is leaving for Gay Hogwarts! But... but... noooooooooo! (He'll definitely be back, but still. Big news!)

And the music was great! I loved Carol Channing and Sue's duet - it even had a rhyming in-character argument in the middle! But, I've come to realize in covering this show, I like showtunes. The kids singing "Marry You" at the wedding was dumb and sweet in all the appropriate ways and Finn telling Kurt never to change? Why not.

OK, Glee, you sonofabitch! I'm back on board. Please don't disappoint me next week! I know there's a big variance of opinion about what makes a good Glee episode. Any dissenters who thought this ep blew dick?

Stray notes and quotes

Sue's dating profile interests: Extreme taxidermy, tantric yelling and poking the elderly with hidden pins

Tickle-me Don't-face

Sue also used to make her dolls sing Appalachian murder ballads to each other. What a banner week for her!

There are illustrated copies of Mein Kampf?

"We're gonna stay at the hotel where they put up the guest stars on Lost!"

"...Which is why I prefer to think of the homeless as 'outdoorsy'! So shine on you urban campers; you smell like adventure!"

"Sue, you can't tame a tiger. You've read my tattoos."

"My Power Rangers got married and divorced in so many different combinations that they were like Fleetwood Mac."

"By the power vested in my by a website I now pronounce you Sue and Sue. You may now kiss yourself."

Unintentionally funny line: "I promise to make you proud every time you point down the hall and say, 'That dude's my boyfriend.'"