As you all know, our annual charity auction is currently online. There are tons of incredible items available for bidding, with all proceeds benefiting the kind souls at the nonprofit Raphael House, a place that provides shelter and solace for victims of domestic violence and their families. But with hundreds of varied items in the auction, things can get a little confusing. So, each day, Blogtown will be highlighting different auction prizes.

Auction Item: Build a Coop With the Mayor
A well-known fact: Mayor Sam Adams is a chicken-raising fiend who rarely passes up a chance to talk about his hobby—or show off his garden. A slightly less-known fact, according to sources in his office: He's apparently incredibly handy, having personally crafted his backyard chicken coop. And he's willing to spend an afternoon with some lucky schlub showing off both his skills and his craftmanship. Salvage Works, near the mayor's home in Kenton, is donating a kickass chicken coop kit (plus its standard offer of a lifetime supply of coop bedding) and a gift certificate.
Current bid: $123.50

Auction Item: Who You Callin' Chicken?
Okay, so maybe you're not ready to commit to a life of collecting chicken poop that you can then sprinkle over your garden, magically producing robust, non-poopy vegetables. Start off with this smaller package and learn a little bit more before making the leap. The Urban Farm Store is offering a $25 gift certificate to whet your whistle—and it's also offering a signed copy of its chicken-raising manual, A Chicken in Every Yard, plus a full-on workshop.
Current bid: $15.50