What will Hector Lopez do? The DREAM Act has been squished by the Senate.

And a little balance: The Senate did manage pave the way for "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repeal. And Senator Ron Wyden showed up to support repeal even though he's prepping for Monday surgery.

Doh! Thousands were without power Friday night after a Gresham Police Officer crashed a patrol car into a power line.

South Koreans "need to be like the Israelis": Or so says ex-North Korean military assassin Kim Shin-Jo, who has lived peacefully in South Korea for 40 years and worries that his fellow countrymen do not fully appreciate the threat from the North.

Is cement flammable, by the way? A man and a woman are in critical condition after a Friday evening fire at the Portland Cement Building, and officials are having a hard time tracking down the owners.

Not a vacation destination: Ivory Coast protesters opposed to the dictator-like stranglehold president Laurent Gbagbo has on his office—even though he lost last month's election—decided to take it to the street, where security forces shot and killed many of them.

Nicolas Cage "will fucking die because of honor" outside of Romanian nightclub: Via Gawker.