No surprise, I love the art on the Merc cover this week, one of a series of manufactured photos from French artist Alain Delorme's series Totems. Here's a couple other excellent images from the series, which you can see all of here:

I squinted hard at my screen the first time I saw this series a couple months ago. I've come to believe that absolutely anything is possible in China (Live crab vending machines? A 100-year-old woman with a horn? Comically overloaded vehicles? Okay.) but these were too much. After a little more squinting, it's obvious: Yes, they're photoshopped. And, yes, they're awesome. Here's what an art critic has to say about Totems: "They are all different but have something in common: they cross the images as they cross the town, without ever settling in. These migrants coming from all over China are the heart of the new 'world factory'."