Well, I'm sure you already knew Fox News should be obliterated from the face of the earth, but just in case you forgot for a moment, I'm here to remind you.

Supposedly if you participate in dog-fighting you should be executed. At least, newscaster Tucker Carlson believes such of NFL player Michael Vick.

It's really difficult to not bring up the "H-word" (hypocrisy) at this point. You don't want animals to be treated inhumanely, so you treat the human inhumanely?

It's no secret that Fox is geared towards the right. Of course meaning the Republican and Christian population. The man even admits his Christianity while endorsing the idea. Yet these people have sat completely sidelined on the subject of the massively successful food companies that abuse and mistreat the animals that they later butcher and make millions off of.

Why are those companies not held accountable or called out to answer for themselves if Tucker believes so strongly in being humane? There are so many other sources of people that mistreat animals it makes no sense to call out one man to bear the punishment of that.