Bad news is a brewing at the Rose Garden. First the Blazers released the news that Brandon Roy will miss tonight's matchup against Utah Jazz, it will be his seventh consecutive game on the bench. And then this article from Ken Berger at

The Trail Blazers are involved in ongoing discussions aimed at determining how much longer Brandon Roy will have to rest his ailing knees. Among several options under consideration is shutting Roy down for the rest of the season in hopes he can restored to his previous All-Star status, two people with knowledge of the team's thinking told

Also, it turns out that Roy's battered knees might be insured. Wait, you can insure knees? You hear that, Oden?

Trading Roy, who signed a five-year, $82 million extension in August 2009, won't be an option until potential suitors gain some clarity about whether Roy will ever return to his previous form. Sources have told that Roy has a separate, outside insurance policy on his knees that could protect the Blazers — or his new team — depending on the timing and extent of any disability.

The Blazers have fared well without Roy (6-3 so far), but it's been a small sample size and a few of those victories have come against lowered tiered opponents. Also, the condition of Roy's knees determines what this team does in the trade market. Once again, more bad news and unanswered questions for the Blazers. We'll keep you updated if the team makes a formal announcement about Roy later today.