From My, What a Busy Week!:

NEW YEAR, VINTAGE BADASSERY—At last, a perfect way to nurse your hangover! The Grindhouse Film Festival's New Year's Day Grindhouse Movie Marathon features three insane examples of pulp cinema: 1975's kung-fu classic Master of the Flying Guillotine, Lucio Fulci's gore-tastic horror tale Gates of Hell (1980), and 1988's Lady Terminator, an Indonesian action flick so bugnuts crazy that it'll make the other 364 days of 2011 look like boring crap. EH
Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy; Master of the Flying Guillotine at 3:30 pm, Gates of Hell at 5:30 pm, Lady Terminator at 7:30 pm, $7 each or $12 for all three

I've got two spots on the guest list to give away. Want to try to win 'em? Then email me today (Thursday, December 30), no later than noon (PST), with "Flying Guillotine" as your email's subject line. I'll pick a winner at random this afternoon and email 'em back to let 'me know they've won.