In case you missed last night's update, Portland police have arrested a man in connection with the fatal shooting of a Club 915 bouncer in the wee hours of New Year's morning. A police spokesman yesterday told the Mercury they couldn't say why, in the aftermath of that shooting and a mass exodus by hundreds of club-goers, an officer fired his own gun. KATU, citing an interview with Mayor Sam Adams, said it was possible the officer fired accidentally. Read the Oregonian's version here as well as KGW's. As always, stay tuned for details.

Pounding on a table instead of his critics, outgoing Governor Ted Kulongoski mounted a—what's the word?—muscular defense of his two terms in office in a "personal," "soul-baring," and "combative" exit interview with the Oregonian. He sounds a lot like W. in 2008, promising "that he'll eventually be remembered for a string of accomplishments that never got the attention or credit they deserve." Bonus points to the O for including the words "Neil Goldschmidt" and "having an affair with "sexually abusing an underage girl" in the story's first seven paragraphs.

Here's an embarrassing story about TriMet's union president: He's facing a DUII charge after falling asleep behind the wheel at a stoplight in Gresham.

A suicide bomber struck outside a church in Alexandria, Egypt, leaving at least 21 people dead and more than 70 injured. Says one official: "People went in to church to pray to God but ended up as scattered limbs. This massacre has al-Qaida written all over, the same pattern al-Qaida has adopted in other countries."

Yesterday was Public Domain Day. But don't get too excited. Thanks to rollbacks and copyright extensions, no new works actually entered the public domain this year. And none will until at least 2019.

The IRS doesn't want some of you to file your tax returns just yet.

If your iPhone doubles as your alarm clock, it wasn't just the booze that kept you from waking up the past two mornings. Apparently, the switch to 2011 has disabled the device's ability to set non-recurring alarms. Things should return to normal by tomorrow morning.

Um... so... WHY DID 1,000 DEAD BIRDS DROP FROM THE HEAVENS over a small Arkansas town? (Relax. It's not the Rapture. It might've been lightning. Or hail.)

Fat babies! Seriously! A new study suggests that as many as one third of 9-month-olds weigh in as Official Fatties—likely dooming them to toddlerhoods filled with cruel taunts and ill-fitting onesies.

You thought your 2010 was shitty? Haiti's was WAAAAY worse.

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