Usually, the weekend is a time to turn the news off and relax whilst zoning out to football or playing video games. (Well... that's how I do it.) However, sometimes glancing at the news can't be helped (especially when you get lost in stumbleupon for like four hours on a Sunday). This past weekend provided me with several odd stories I thought I'd share.


Romania declared witchcraft a legal profession. Witches, embalmers, and valets among others were given legal status by labor law to make it harder for practitioners to avoid income tax.
Apparently, the country suffers from widespread tax evasion and this is a move by the government to crack down on it.
Best quote from the article:
On Saturday, a witch called Bratara told, the website of a top TV station, that she plans to cast a spell using black pepper and yeast to create discord in the government.


In Fort Meyers, Florida a teenager is in a coma due to drug experimentation. Yes, I know, that sounds normal. People doing drugs do stupid things all the time and end up in comas or suffer from some other kind of ailment. But this time he and his friends weren't doing weed, oxycotin, and heroin or the usual suspects—they snorted klonopin and dog medication.
Dog medication? Really? Of all the drugs you can get your hands on, these kids jumped to dog medication? Unfortunately the group reacted poorly to the drugs and are now in a hospital.
Best quote of the article:
"This is going to make me turn a 360," Mariah Miles said.
Her mother, keeping watch a few feet away, interjected.
"She thinks she's going to turn a 360," she said, "but her life is over at this point."


  • AP Daily

In Colorado a rare cow was born on a miniature cow and kangaroo farm. No, this isn't about the kangaroos—though why kangaroos and cows?
This particular cow is a rarity because of its coloring which makes it resemble a panda. According to the article there are only 24 other "panda cows" in the world.
There's really nothing more to say, and honestly, I just wanted to write "panda cow." It's fun to say out loud too, give it a try. "Panda cow."