Good news from the Eater PDX comment thread. Yesterday, Eater linked to Q&A Pomeroy did with Mother Jones (which, by the way, you should all go read). In it, she talks about being a woman in the male-dominated butchery scene, the challenges and rewards of a meat-themed restaurant, the food-safety bill, and her wish to be more accessible to those of us who can't blow afford to drop a couple hundred bucks on dinner. Pomeroy chimed in with the details of her fulfilled wish:

In addition to our once a month Vegetarian Dinners (next one Jan 25th), we will also be offering a 3 course Sunday dinner once a month that is $30, and will be available to walk-ins as well as reservations.

$30 isn't exactly Super Value Menu pricing, but for Beast, it's a pretty modest splurge. I've only made it there twice—once for dinner and once for brunch—but both meals are among the most enjoyable I've ever had. No bullshit. I'll be anxious to see what Pomeroy can do at that price point.