Why do I feel like this keeps coming up?




While people will invariably raise the "pedo" alarm, this looks to me like nothing more than a fantasy version of little girls dressing up. Too-large clothing is routinely pinned and PhotoShopped to look like it fits on fashion shoots, but here the clothing is intentionally left too big—see the jacket sleeve and sunglasses, the robe and pajama pants, the sloping evening wear, and all of the shoes—leading one to think that someone wasn't looking very closely when they commented on the BuzzFeed post that, "What's really disturbing is that, even though these clothes were made for adults, they fit these kids perfectly. Which proves that couture is made for grown women with the proportions of a 6-year-old." Properly fitting red carpet dresses do not generally require undershirts. Given that the primary target demographic of this spread is post-pubescent women who like fashion and most likely grew up fantasizing about clothes, and who remember dressing up in mom's fanciest outfits, getting busted for sneaking makeup (tyke tip: sidewalk chalk can double as eyeshadow when applied sparingly, and your older sibling's tinted acne medicine mixed with moisturizer can decently approximate foundation), and generally trying really hard to look older, which certainly in this society arguably means trying (innocently) to look sexy—to me the spread brings up little more than fond, accurate (well I wasn't that good at applying sidewalk chalk, and my mom's clothes were more than a little less rich) memories and clothing envy. Kids emulating adults is normal. And at least they're not making their sexy faces in the mirror with one of dad's unlit cigarettes, because a lot of us did that too. I'm inclined to think that if you're over-sexualizing it the problem's in the eye of the beholder. Then again, I'm nobody's mother. A certain parent sitting near to me just commented that, "If I were these little Vogue whores' father, I'd send them straight to their chambre." I'll let him make the argument as to whether he was joking when he said "whores" or "chambre." More images after the cut for your judgmental pleasure.