The mysterious dead animal body count continues to rise! (Is it time to panic yet?)

Four to five thousand blackbirds die and fall from the sky in Arkansas!

500 more birds fall in Louisiana!

100,000 fish mysteriously die in Arkansas, roughly 100 miles away from where those birds perished!

Two million dead fish in Chesapeake Bay!

Thousands of dead doves "hanging like ornaments in trees" in Italy!

Hundreds of dead snapper wash up on beach in New Zealand!

Hundreds of dead fish in Spruce Creek, Florida!

100 tons of dead fish (mostly sardines) wash up in Brazil!

Nearly 100 dead birds found today in Switzerland.

AND as of about an hour ago, hundreds of dead birds discovered in Kentucky.

OMG. Did I miss any? (I swear to god, 4Chan, if you're behind this, I'M-A GONNA........)