It took FOREVER, but the new East Burnside pizza joint Sizzle Pie (624 E Burnside) finally opened over the weekend—I stopped by last night and ate half of that pizza right up there. And the pizza's good! Thin crust, not too crackery, plentiful but not excessive toppings (and yes, eggplant and jalapenos are a nonsense combination—there was some question as to whether the cooks would deign to make a pizza with two different toppings, and when he did I just panicked and started saying words). Anyway, quick impressions:

• Smartly inventive toppings and sauces—red sauce augmented with Secret Aardvark sauce, basil-cashew spread, vegan pesto with cilantro and pumpkin seeds, a New Deal vodka cream sauce. Both the basil-cashew spread and the Aardvark sauce were solid.
•A range of vegan and vegetarian offerings that even this non-vegetarian would describe as "exciting."
• Solid by-the-slice offerings that, at least on my visit, around 8 pm, did not look heat-lamped to death.
• Late hours—they're open until 3 am on weekdays, 4 am on weekends.

• Price. The small (12") pies are in the $12 (plain cheese) to $18 (Daiya fake cheese, vegan pepperoni) range; larges (17", I assume) are $20-27. It just feels slightly too expensive for the market: The pizza at Ken's is cheaper and better; Hammy's and Lonesome are similarly priced, but they deliver (I'm not gonna argue relative quality here, as I've actually never eaten either of those sober). For the special needs eaters, the best vegan pizza in town by my estimation is also in the neighborhood: the corn cashew at Dove Vivi is in the same price range, but considerably more filling.
• ...Actually, price was really the only problem I had with it, possibly because my 12" pizza somehow wound up costing $18. But for the coupon clippers* out there, from now through Jan 8, if you sign up for their newsletter, they'll send you a link to buy a $30 coupon for $15

Eater PDX has a whole bunch of photos of the inside of the space, if you want to see more.

*I use my Chinook book iPhone app all the time. This is what "becoming your mother" looks like in the digital age.