According to next week's Portland City Council consent agenda, where this item appears, the city has agreed to pay out $44,043.26 and settle a lawsuit, filed last year, that accused Officer Ron Frashour of mistakenly targeting, and crashing into, an innocent bystander's during an August 2008 police chase.

Frashour was fired by Mayor Sam Adams and Police Chief Mike Reese last November for shooting Aaron Campbell in the back with his sniper rifle in January 2010. In the 2008 incident, Frashour was attempting to help another officer stop a reckless driver but wound up pursuing Edessa Argo's car instead, causing a chain reaction of crashes when he tried to pull off what's known as a PIT (Pursuit Intervention Technique) maneuver. The incident in 2008 was mentioned in the Campbell discipline letter that Reese released in November.


There was another incident in the letter that cost the city some money. And Campbell's family also has filed a lawsuit against the city. They are represented by the same lawyer who won a $1.6 million settlement in the fatal beating of James Chasse Jr.