Crisis in Tunisia! Shit is going crazy in the African country, with the president firing his cabinet and protestors demanding more freedoms.

Who Wants Health Care?! No One! The GOP resumes their push to repeal the "Jobs-Killing Healthcare Act."

Michael Steele May Need to Apply for Unemployment: The Republican leader is fighting for his job.

Gun Rights Limits Unlikely: After the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords, it's still unlikely we'll actually change.

Speaking of Gun Rights: Arizona hold a funeral today for the nine year old girl who died in the weekend's shooting.

Berlusconi: Still Insane. Italy's prime minister is embroiled in a teenage prostitution case.

Groupon Goes Public: The half-off coupon site has helped some businesses, hurt others, and is now playing the stock market.

Children Vs. Extinct Technologies: This video is old, but it's new to me and also funny.

Stained Reputation: Despite reputation, no solid facts that Portland's a hub for sex trafficking.

It's TriMet's Birthday! Happy 42nd year, TriMet.