I vaguely seem to recall typing something about this at some point in the past, but since Google is turning up nothing, I'm chalking it up to "fever dream." If you can find the dupe though, feel free to be a smug cock about it.


Own an iPad?

Hate the idea that you aren't inseparably shackled to it via the tether of classic Sierra adventure games?

Thank King Graham for Martin "Sarien" Kool then! Over at his personal site, Sarien.net, Kool has uploaded a handful of the best classic Sierra graphical adventure games for play directly through your iPad browser. They work perfectly via the built-in interface in Apple's shiny tablet (or your standard browser, for that matter), and assuming you aren't allergic to big, beefy, man-sized pixels, there's no better value for your gaming dollar.

Oh wait, did I forget to mention that all these games are free? So even if you hate them, that's still an exponential-unto-infinite value curve. Suck on that one games industry!

Included in the collection of adventures are such classics as Leisure Suit Larry, the first two Space Quest games, and the above-pictured King's Quest (alongside its first two sequels). If those titles mean nothing to you, how was prom?

To get sucked straight back to 1984, use your iPad's browser to click through this HTML-infused sentence.

(Aside: While Sarien.net has yet to receive any takedown notices — and has, in fact, received propers from the creators of the original games — what he's doing here isn't, technically speaking, entirely above the board. It's a legal gray area. If Activision, the current rightsholder for these titles, decides to go after the site, the games would have to be taken down, but you, as a player, would not be liable for any sort of nutso DMCA compensatory demands. Thus, play knowing these classic games could disappear at any time, but free from the fear of being sued.)