A new "national unity government" is expected to be announced today in Tunisia—that is if they can get past all the gun battles and famine first.

INTRIGUING (as CNN likes to say): Did Wikileaks spur the Tunisian uprising?

ALSO INTRIGUING: An ex-Swiss banker contends he gave Wikileaks info on 2000 prominent individuals who have engaged in tax evasion or criminal activity. JESUS! If you can't trust your Swiss banker, who can you trust??

Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes a medical leave of absence, "to focus on his health." I'm taking a leave of absence to focus on being a dick.

A new poll reveals that health care haters don't hate health care as much as originally hated.

Martin Luther King III
is expected to raise the subject of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in his speech today commemorating his father.

Big winners at the Golden Globes: The Social Network, Glee and Natalie Portman. HOWEVER! I have very mixed emotions about Justin Bieber (Yayyyy!) giving an award to Toy Story 3 (BOOOOOOOO!!!).

In case you didn't notice heavy rains caused flooding, mudslides, and wet sneakers (when I mistakenly tried to walk to the movie theater to see Black Swan) this weekend.

INTRIGUING! Ezra will be liveblogging the Blazers vs. Timberwolves game tonight! Don't miss it, b-effers!

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: Continued rainy, warm, occasional sunbreaks from here to eternity.

And finally, in this weekend's Miss America pageant, Miss Arkansas demonstrates a remarkable talent that has nothing to do with homophobia!