World of Warcraft has a long tradition of including homages to other media in totally awesome, unexpected ways. I could — and people have — filled pages of the 'net with these Easter Eggs, so I rarely bother even mentioning them.

Other times however, Blizzard adds something to their magnum opus that is just too damn cool to not point out.

Chewbacca really let himself go.
  • Chewbacca really let himself go.

To wit: Harrison Jones, an Indiana Jones stand-in who joined the game with the recent Cataclysm expansion.

It would be easy to just add a new dude with a fedora and whip, but Blizzard really went all out. The game now includes an hours-long quest line that basically retells Raiders of the Lost Ark, as well as a whole new class of Nazi analogues for you to fight (and begrudgingly work for thanks to a certain Belloc-themed Blood Elf, and a Goblin best described as the love child of Heinrich Himmler and Trent Reznor).

Stalin coulda used some more Night Elves.
  • Stalin coulda used some more Night Elves.

I try hard not to just infodump my adventures in Azeroth onto the average person, but sometimes shit in there just gets too cool and if I don't publicly geek out about it I'll likely pop an o-ring.