T.S. Eliot is full of shit. April is not that cruel—at least occasionally it stops raining and I don’t have to wear gloves and goddammit I need new wiper blades and…so yeah, I’m saying January is far, far worse.


In fact, I only have two things going for me right now: coffee and beer. Bridgeport, the local brewing behemoth I like to ride my bike by to smell the hops and malts when it isn’t so goddamn miserable outside, understands this; they’re combining my two lifelines to showcase Café Negro, a new coffee-infused porter. Friday from 5:00-8:00, stop by World Cup Coffee (from whom Bridgeport sourced the beans) to try out the beer and tour the facilities (light appetizers will also be on hand).

I recently had the opportunity to try both of Bridgeport’s new releases (the other is a double-red ale called Kingpin). I’ve always thought of the brewery as a reliable standby—their IPA and pale ale are consistently good, but nothing particularly new or exciting. It’s cool to see them expanding their range a bit—Hop Czar is a pretty interesting beer, and I was terribly disappointed to only sample the Nightcap right as it was going out of season. If you need a quick reminder that life is worth living, go check out their new offerings...or buy a six pack and stare out the window of your sad little apartment to the cold, wet, depressing world outside.