Regis Philbin has announced that he's retiring from Live with Regis and Kelly. Man, it seems like everyone's retiring this year: Larry King, Oprah, Joe Lieberman (maybe) and now Regis? Who will we turn to for inane daytime banter and free cars?

Anyway, did you know that Regis has been hosting his show for 28 years? He also has three Emmys and has been on television in one form or another since 1950. Philbin also turns 80 this year.

I honestly just assumed that Philbin—like the Snuggie—would be on TV forever. Via


For those of you who won't shut up about how much you hated Ricky Gervais on the Golden Globes—no worries, both he and the Hollywood Foreign Press have said that he won't be back.

Gervais said that twice was enough, though he did take some time to defend his jokes on his blog. From Gervais himself:

All the same conspiracy theories as last year too ... 'So and so was offended' ... 'Hasn't been invited back yet' ... Exactly the same as last time. 'Paul McCartney was furious' ... No, he wasn't. And nor was Tim Allen and Tom Hanks. I was drinking with them after.

"Why do people have to embellish? They're allowed to say they hated it. They're allowed to say they didn't find it funny, that it was tasteless, over the top, or whatever. But why do they speculate and make stuff up? Don't worry, I know the answer. Because it's more interesting than 'it went fine and some people won some awards and then went to a party.' But that's all that happened.

It is what it is (and it was funny).


Finally, this isn't really "celebrity," but it's interesting: Some woman in Michigan bought towels, did laundry and collected the lint to create this:


Hey, Jesus was a celebrity! Kind of. Via.