My pal Laura Hudson over at ComicsAlliance recently wrote a stirring piece proclaiming Adam Hines' Duncan the Wonder Dog the best comic of 2010. But as convincing as her article is, it did most of us absolutely no good, as the book is entirely sold out and won't be reissued until March. Well, today ComicsAlliance reported that publisher Ad House is releasing the book as a digital download for the incredibly reasonable price of $9.95 (significantly lower than the print price)—and, as Laura emphasizes, it's an actual download, not some cloud-based thing you only rent. She's got an interview with Ad House's Chris Pitzer about the decision to reissue the book digitally:

ComicsAlliance: You significantly lowered your price point from the print to the digital version (nearly 15 dollars), another thing many publishers are loathe to do. Why did you make that decision?

Pitzer: Are publishers loathe to do that? I don't profess to being an expert in this arena. Basically, this model costs NOTHING to put the digital work in the hands of possible readers, so why not reduce the digital version cost? As a side, one of the fastest profitable original graphic novels we ever published was Salamander Dream by Hope Larson. At the time of publication, the entire work was available FREE online.

Robot6 made a similar, seemingly obvious point this morning, based on an analysis of ebook pricing: "creators may make more money by lowering prices in order to make more sales."

Duncan the Wonder Dog is available for download right here.