Suicide Bombing Kills 52 People: Bomber in Baghdad targeted police recruits.

Cheney Needs a New Heart. Well duh. But he's finally looking for a transplant.

Chinese President Visits America! And gets an "intimate meal" with Obama. Sounds like a date!

Pirates: Still Pirating. Pirates have kind of fallen off the radar, but they had a record year of hostage taking.

Tunisia Falling Apart: The "unity government" is fracturing, more protests are breaking out, general AAAAA!

Post-Arizona Rhetoric Softening: The "Job Killing Healthcare Act" repeal is now the "Job Crushing Healthcare Act" repeal. Phew!

Speaking of Not Quite Killing... It looks like Congresswoman Giffords will get out of the hospital in a few weeks.

Iran Won't Execute for Adultery! After international outcry, Iran announced it won't hang a woman convicted of adultery. Um. Progress!

Swiss Bank Employee Dresscode: Is worse than Disney's. Skin-tone underwear and no eating garlic, please!

A Library With No Books: To protest the closing of their library, a town in England has banded together to check out every single book.

LSD Video Archive: A researcher unearths video of LSD experiments from the 1950s.

Neil Goldschmidt's Abuse Victim Dies: At 49, the woman who Goldschmidt had sex with at 14 died after an illness.