Punchline Magazine investigates the story behind Gallagher walking out of Marc Maron's podcast:

I chatted with Gallagher’s manager Craig Marquardo to find out what happened. “I don’t think he knew how aggressive Maron would be,” Marquardo said, adding that Gallagher is not at all sorry for walking out on the interview and that Gallagher “doesn’t care.” In fact, Marquardo relayed that after Gallagher left the interview he was seen being mobbed by fans on the street, where the comic took pictures with fans and signed autographs. “Where would you rather be?” Marquardo said.

Marquardo added, “I respect what Marc was trying to do, but he did it in a douchey way.”

But Maron doesn’t see it exactly that way. “I’m in the game of conversation,” Maron tells me. “I don’t want to be talked down to. If I was being douchey it was a reaction to being condescended to and dismissed.”

Maron continues: “I’m generally more sympathetic than I am attack-oriented. I didn’t get into this [podcasting] to be Mike Wallace.”

And regarding the Twitter feed:

Finally, the Twitter account @RealGallagher that’s been causing a bit of a stir today, is totally fake, according to Marquardo, who explained that Gallagher has been on a plane to Japan and couldn’t have possibly written those tweets.

The Twitter feed started on January 28th. Gallagher has been on a plane to Japan...for three days? (Also they have internet on planes now, bro. FYI.) Anyway, it probably is fake. The relevant point here is that Gallagher's real-life act is so bizarre and offensive that that Twitter feed is completely plausible. I addressed that at the bottom of this post.

Thank you for following GallagherStormsOffPodcastAndIsTheTwitterThingRealOrFakeGate 2011. And if this isn't truly my last Gallagher-related blog post ever, I am going to sledgehammer myself in the brains. Apologies to any of you in the splash zone.


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