(Since this totally worked for Marjorie, I'm gonna give it a shot....)

This thing looks phenomenal. Here's what A.O. Scott says in his Times review:

I am tempted to call Into Eternity the most interesting documentary, and one of the most disturbing films, of the year so far, but such a pronouncement, always dubious in early February, seems especially absurd in this case. The film, directed by Michael Madsen — a Danish Conceptual artist, not the American tough-guy actor — takes an unusually long view. Mr. Madsen’s ruminative, even-toned narration is directed not at present-day critics but at viewers who may happen upon this visual artifact at some remote date in the future, as much as 100,000 years from now.

Into Eternity isn't currently booked at any Portland theaters. (Sadly, neither is another subterranean doc I can't wait for, Werner Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams). It'd be nice if this was rectified. Thank you.

UPDATE: What the shit, this actually worked! Again! I just heard from local film publicist Gabriel Mendoza, who informed me that tentative plans are afoot at both Cinema 21 and the Living Room Theaters to show Into Eternity and Werner in a Cave. Score!