Uhm, fat guy rides stuff? I dunno. But I like it.

Ian Karmel killed Wednesday night, headlining at Comedy Is OK. He did it again the weekend before, opening for Marc Maron. And when I was sitting there, cracking up in my chair at the Clinton Theater a thought came over me: Karmel could totally take on Last Comic Standing. He's got an ability to cut through disparate audiences. His references may be broad, but his jokes are fully eclectic. This wide palatability is the reason why Karmel won 2010's Amateur Comedy Contest, which spent plenty of time in Gresham and Vancouver. Plus his technical chops are trained and sharp. Take note, whatever network does that show.

Karmel's also been bolstering his talents as a host. He really gets things moving. Tonight Karmel will handle such duties in his weekly Brody Theater showcase Fly Ass Jokes. Tonight's lineup is particularly appealing, as it features another of Portland's very best, Richard Bain. The remainder of the lineup is equally strong—the creme of Portland's stand up crop: Jimmy Newstetter, Christian Ricketts, Sean Jordan. And when it's full and the energy's there, the Brody is a great little room.

Fly Ass Jokes @ Brody Theater - 16 NW Broadway - 10:15 - $6
Featuring: Ian Karmel, Richard Bain, Jimmy Newstetter, Christian Ricketts, Sean Jordan