Dear fans of subliminal advertising!
I have a piece up today over at which serves as a handy guide for all the Super Bowl commercials that used subliminal advertising to SCREW WITH YOUR MIND. It's kind of a somewhat less filthy version of the story I turned in, but C'MON—I didn't really expect them to keep a joke about how Skechers sneakers give you "genital herpes." You can read the whole thing here, but here are a couple of highlights.

Chrysler Luxury Vehicles
COMMERCIAL CONTENT: A two-minute tough-as-nails explanation about how the city of Detroit really sucks — but because these brave automotive employees work so hard, they can still churn out a better luxury vehicle than any stinkin’ foreigner. Special guest star: Eminem!

SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE: This is basically the automotive industry remake of the Christine O’Donnell “I Am You” commercial. In other words, what they’re really saying is that if Detroit happens to make a decent car, it’s probably due to a mix of witchcraft and masturbation. (It’s also intended to make you think, “Heeeey … did Eminem get plastic surgery?)

Pepsi Max
COMMERCIAL CONTENT: An African-American woman tries in vain to get her husband to stay on his diet, and after a series of attempts, allows him to have a Pepsi Max — which she uses to “accidentally” bludgeon an attractive white woman on the head.

SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE: Do I really have to explain this? OK, fine. White women! Stop stealing black women’s men! (This commercial brought to you by Black History Month.)

Here ya go.