Wonkette points out that teabaggers are about to singlehandedly save America and publishing at the same time by putting out a new magazine, Tea Party Review. (Note to those visiting the TPR site: "Please be advised that Explore (sic) is not showing our webpage (sic) correctly. Use Firefox, Safari or Googlechrome (sic)." So there.)

The What's Inside page points out all the scintillating content in the first issue, including cartoons, "Washington’s War on the American Family," "Why the Elite Media Hate Us," "The Left’s War on Science and Reason," and "How the Top Colleges Turn Kids into Stupid Leftists." The staff page is your usual mix of white guys who worked for Ronald Reagan, hyper-Christian white ladies, and the black guy.

Tea Party Review will debut at CPAC tomorrow. Then it will no doubt be available at newsstands all across Portland.