Friday Morning: A 24-year-old biking on Highway 30 is struck by a driver who flees the scene. The victim suffered a collapsed lung, broken foot, and a concussion.

Friday Afternoon: A formerly prominent Portland lawyer is arrested after drunkenly crashing a Cadillac Escalade into parked cars in NW Portland.

Later Friday Afternoon: A 20-year-old biking on SW Multnomah is struck by a car that careens into a house. The driver was distracted by her dog, the cyclist is still in serious condition.

Sunday: Police officers arrest 59 people across the state on drunk driving charges after the Super Bowl game. One man crashes and dies on Highway 26.

Monday Morning: A woman police suspect was speeding and drunk crashes into a car in NE Portland, killing the driver and injuring her two passengers.

This Morning: An eight year old child jaywalking across N Lombard on his way to school on was struck by a car and dragged under it. He's in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Tonight: The city's fifth annual transportaiton safety summit, where the mayor, police, and TriMet discuss the safety of using Portland's streets. Statistics show that Portland is one of the 10 safest cities for pedestrians in America. But when tragic accidents are still the daily routine, we're clearly not safe enough.