One of Portland's few professional comedians, Lonnie Bruhn is also its dirtiest. In filthy rants Bruhn explores sex, death and disability. He wants you to picture the gory details, including his twisted escapades with bus station skanks.

But really, Bruhn's act is about more: it's about humanity and humor is the coping mechanism. There's nothing malicious about it. And while Bruhn gets laughs sharing the travails of his cerebral palsy, his honesty is touching.

Harvey's comedy club failed to see past Bruhn's dirty words. After a set filled with expletives after he'd been warned, Bruhn was banned.

After eight long years Harvey's saw the error in their ways and invited Bruhn back for a headlining set in 2009. All those pent up feelings and the singular setting reportedly made for a phenomenal, sold-out show. Bruhn told me was one of the best of his 20-year career.

Tonight they're doing it again. And while the initial prop of Bruhn's coming full circle from ouster to golden boy is lessened, any opportunity to see Bruhn is one worth taking: he's one of the city's top comics—one who loves to make you cringe.

TONIGHT: Lonnie Bruhn w/ Kristin Levin @ Harvey's Comedy Club - Doors at 7:00PM, show at 8:00PM sharp - $15
Reservations by phone only. Call: 503-241-0338