It seems a lot of you are fond of saying to me, "HEY HUMPY!! DON'T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB!!" Well, coincidentally, that's exactly what I did back in the late '80s so I could switch careers and eventually become the newspaper-running (into the ground) megalomaniac you are reading right now. However, before I set upon my current career path, I'll have you know I was verrrrrrrrrrry highly regarded in the 1980s Belgian techno scene as the lead vocalist for the seminal dance band, B-Art. Here, take a look at one of my videos. (I'm the one with the whoop-dee-doo curl on top of my head, steampunk sunglasses, and the cow/giraffe pattern jacket. HEY! IT WAS THE '80S, MAN. Roll with it.)

SOB! Why did I quit my day job?!?