Teacher Bad-Mouths Students on Blog, Hilarity/Sadness Ensues


I LOVE when people say "if you don't like it, don't work there."

It's neat to see what nonsense pops out of a person before they've considered a suitable reason that makes any sense. That is, a reason to explain the result they already arrived at (i.e. "I don't like this person").
Oh come on, we all knew each and every one of those kids in high school. I tended to fit a few categories, including seems-smarter-than-is and nowhere-near-as-good-as-sibling.
I had teachers who said this sort of thing OPENLY about students.
At least this was (semi)anonymous.

'And she's teaching your kid about how to prepare for life"

That is the problem, parents dump their kids off at a school expecting the school to privide the necessary lessons/structure/skills to get them through life. Nope, that is the parents job.
The suspension seems unfair, BUT she doesn't sound like any sort of good teacher at all...blogging when she should be teaching, her attitude about the comments section of report cards.
She's become a lazy teacher.
She talks about the kids getting worse and worse, but is what she is really seeing is her own change in attitude?
Every HS teacher I know works 70+ hours a week while getting paid for maybe 40, gets little support from administration and has to deal with a a ton of shit in the classroom from a majority of lazy, asshole kids who have disconnected parents who only get fired up if their kid is told that gay people are okay. It's enough to kill even the most resilient person's soul. She has every right to vent anonymously and should have every right to say those things on a report card but she's probably screwed.
@BeerBatter YEAH DUDE
I'll bet she ain't working 70 hrs a week.... 55 grand a year, summers off, day shift work, great bennies - oh I feel so bad for her.
I love this teacher. Frankieb;Ha, Good point!
after 25 years of teaching science, a masters degree in computers in the classroom only to never use it because the AZ politics wants to go back to the 50's. and wants to pay what was paid in the 50's I get where she is coming from. 53, 5 years till I make my 80 point if they don't pull the rug out from under me at the last minute. In this atmosphere My wage is going down from a high of 40,000$. Here in AZ I cry every morning, waiting for the next bomb. I did not crash the market: rich folks did. I did not under pay everyone: rich folks who hire all of us did. I did not tell you your house was an investment then sell your papers to crash other governments: the rich folks did. I a science teacher work very hard 7 am to 5 pm, I live in a single wide trailer that I call home in hopes to own it by the end of this gig. This year I became an at will employee. I pay for paper, copier, my computer and my mandatory upgrades to education myself. My beloved students hate we teachers now because the Glen Becks of the world tell them too. We teachers are in pain and sorrow. We gave our lives for the hope of America we did not sell you out. We are not holding the money. Follow the money. Follow the money. Shoot them. Oh yea I forgot. The rich are bullet proof as an AZ teacher I am a sitting duck easy target. You guys are cheap lousy shots If you are aiming my way.