Now Accepting Applications to the Land of the University of Redwood?


Hey, I graduated from the University of Redwood! It was a very, very good school and I graduated with a very, very useful degree in communications!!

O, Redwoods!
Ye are the tree of knowledge,
so we sing to thee!...
Oh good! I am the first here to make this extremely important correction -- it's "Reed College," not "Reed University." Whew. Now I can breathe again.

Apart from that, sure, the U. of the Redwoods is a good enough school, but there's no freaking way it has as good a Renn Fayre as Reed has -- Reed's has a tradition of stoned naked hippies on the slip n' slide that is second to none. Also, have you seen the U. of Redwoods' Doyle Owl? I could crap a better Doyle Owl than that. I say they should start either bring their A-game to imitating Reed or switch to imitating Harvey Mudd or Haverford (burn!).
I went to Renn Fayre at Reed last year and was terribly disappointed. The art walk on Albert is more wild.

I vote for Redwood U!
@Super Chundo: I think you're mistaking graduating from the University of Redwood with camping for a weekend amidst some redwoods.

I kinda feel like this falls in the same camp as people who get the Publisher's Clearinghouse letter and start spending their millions.... if you're dumb enough to send money to a school that has no info anywhere else but their own website and no ones has ever heard of....
Hey, now, I graduated from Reed back in the middle 1960's, and I can confidently state as a member of said group) that the tradition of stoned, naked hippies slipping and sliding LONG preceded the Renn Fayre in Reed traditionland. (Not only that, but I actually met the Doyle Owl face to face, but that's another story...) On behalf of all stoned naked hippies, Reed-affiliated or not, I hope that such traditions continue everywhere and everywhen...