• Capcom/Marvel

I wish I could have put this up earlier, but I only just found out about it a few moments ago. In short, a group of the best Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 players in the United States are battling and broadcasting the matches via live stream from 4PM to 8PM PST.

I fully expect a number of you to stare incredulously at the words I just typed, wondering to yourself why anyone would want to watch people play a video game. If this describes you, go ahead and skip to the next post. I think we have a Bieber info blast around here somewhere.

However, if you're a fighting game fan who wants to watch the absolute highest level of play in the latest, greatest Capcom fighter, and you want to absorb some techniques that might improve your own game, your next three hours are suddenly occupied.

Click this link to be taken to the YouTube Live Stream. Alternately — and I'm honestly not entirely sure how well this will work — hit the jump to catch the Live Stream as an embedded video.

Fingers crossed that this works:

Addendum: As an added bonus, the players are answering questions from the audience. If you ever wanted to know just how hard Justin Wong hates Cable, now's your chance to find out.