UPDATE: Bumping this post 'cause there are still tickets available.

Hello, people who like free things: We've got a bunch of free tickets to give away to the Miracle Theatre's Friday, March 18th production of Boomcracklefly.

Here's the description from the press release:

In a New York barrio, a female impersonator ignores the advice of an imaginary grandmother to fall in love with an insatiable scientist; in a Key West circus, two acrobat sisters are divided over the ghost of Ernest Hemingway; and in revolutionary Havana, a man who wishes he had wings yearns to fly away to another land. Three seemingly disparate stories weave together in a clever combination of science fiction and magical realism to create an eccentric environment that is as unsettling as it is irresistible.

The show hasn't opened yet, so all I can say about it at this point is that in general, I love the Miracle Theater—even when I don't love the specific work, I always come away feeling as though I've seen an intimate, uniquely theatrical production. (As opposed to the "I'd rather be watching Community" feeling*.) Most of their shows are bilingual or in Spanish, and they do a ton of outreach in the Latino community, both of which are welcome departures from the rest of the local theater scene. (This one is mostly in English.)

Email me with "Boomcracklefly" in the subject line if you'd like your name put on the list for a pair of tickets (include your full name). Again, the show is Friday, March 18; it's a preview show, so it's before the official opening night; doors at 7, show at 7:30 pm—one email gets you two tickets. I've got 40 pairs to give away; I'll update this post when they're all gone.

*Point: I think it's ridiculous to pretend that theater isn't competing for audiences with other, cheaper forms of entertainment, namely film and television. Counterpoint?